About Us

Our customers:

Since we were established in 1999, our reputation has grown significantly. Our customers can be sure of a personal, efficient and cost effective vending service at all times. This is why each and every day we are adding more new companies to our impressive client list.

We pride ourselves on our diversity and being able to work with clients from office, industrial and commercial sectors. Whether you are a small company in a single office or a multi-national company with many sites, we can provide the equipment and services you need to keep your staff refreshed. We have provided countless solutions for office areas, canteens, staff breakout facilities, warehouses, distribution centers and factories. We are also experts in public sites such as schools, hospitals, leisure centers and universities.
Established in 1999 in Sydney, Sydney Advanced Vending was, and remains, a family run business placing great value on providing quality products for their customers, ensuring that they are receiving the very best in vended drinks and snacks.

Charity support

Sydney Advanced Vending is proud to actively support a number of charities. As a business we help to raise awareness of these charities and donate money, but a lot of money has also been raised by our dedicated members of staff who have been taking part in charitable events such as the Starlight foundation and Salvation Army.

Carbon Footprint

Sydney Advanced vending aims to recycle 100% of our product packaging. This includes cans, cardboards, plastic etc.
Our machines are made from up to 90% of recycled materials making them environmentally friendly.
We use the latest technology in our machines, keeping power usage to a minimum and running costs low. Our machines also use of LED lighting with timed lighting for outside working hours when not in use.We will assist you in selecting the perfect sized vending machine for optimum energy efficiency.
 In addition our experienced technician’s uphold regular maintenance helps keep both our and most importantly YOUR carbon footprint low.